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Green wall panels are realistic and Easy to install

Create a realistic and serene environment. Serving the Sacramento Region

Welcome to the newest trend in the world of artificial green walls.  Boxwood living walls are becoming wildly popular.  The words “Green Wall” are pretty flexible in their definition.  It means that a wall surface is partially or completely covered by plants.  Artificial boxwood walls have all the beauty and benefits of living walls. But, our preserved or artificial walls don’t require ongoing maintenance after installation.  

How do you install artificial green walls?

Unlike real living walls, Pacific Silkscapes faux boxwood walls do not require irrigation systems, on-going replacement of plants, and all the issues with watering and fertilizing.   Indoor Artificial Green Walls never get dead spots.  Just think of the convenience and cost savings.  These walls are efficient and economical.  Our mats come in different sizes but the typical sizes are 10″, 12″, 20″, and 40″ square. Installing wall mats is easy and can be done yourself using this guide.   We carry both wall mats for indoors and UV resistant mats for outdoors.  Call Pacific Silkscapes today for details today. 

Artificial boxwood walls can be seen everywhere

Add living walls to offices, stores, commercial buildings, restaurants, hospitality suites, and public spaces.  All of our outdoor artificial plant walls are made inherently UV resistant to maintain their vivid green. These walls will provide many years of protection and beauty.  Our foliage shows NO visible color loss after a year of UV exposure. 

Pacific Silkscapes outdoor artificial boxwood walls are perfect for covering unattractive equipment. This includes equipment such as such as air conditioners or accent walls that might otherwise appear bland, boring, or unattractive.  Boxwood walls will provide many years of protection and beauty.  This product shows NO visible color loss after a years of UV exposure.  Live boxwood is slow-growing and requires constant maintenance. But our realistic fake boxwood walls are thick, realistic and look like they’ve been growing for years.

Our faux walls come in different shapes, sizes and color

Artificial green walls come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that it can be hard to find the right option for your space. Whether you’re looking for a decorative product for your apartment, an eye-catching display for your office reception, or a high-impact feature for a commercial project, Pacific Silkscapes can help you find an attractive, low-maintenance and affordable artificial boxwood wall you’ll love. Check out Pacific Silkscapes’ pinterest page on artificial green walls. Pacific Silkscapes outdoor artificial boxwood walls are perfect for covering unattractive equipment such as air conditioners or accent walls that might otherwise appear bland, boring, or unattractive.

What are the Advantages of Artificial Green walls?

Low Cost Green Walls

 When it comes to real green walls, there is a high upfront cost as well as continuous maintenance costs making them an unattractive proposition. The maintenance of real living walls can often involve downtime, another non-negotiable in most businesses. With artificial green walls, the upfront costs are significantly lower, there are zero maintenance costs and no maintenance downtime. Artificial living walls will save you money in the short-term and will continue to save you money and time in the long-term.

No Landscaping Contracts

Since real living walls require periodic maintenance, pruning, cleaning, and other maintenance, the company that installs them also provides maintenance programs at an additional cost. This is not the case for artificial green walls. Artificial green walls require no heavy maintenance and can be easily cleaned in-house, so a landscaping partner to maintain them is not required. This means no hassle with customer service, no paperwork, and no downtime when maintenance is going on.

No Ongoing Maintenance

Unlike living walls, artificial green walls are maintenance-free. They never need to be watered, trimmed, or have dead or dying plants replaced. This helps make our synthetic plant walls cleaner and more affordable over time. The only maintenance an artificial green wall needs is the same as anything else in a business or home: a quick cleaning every once in a while. On the other hand, artificial green walls have no such special requirements.

Are Green Walls Realistic and Lifelike?

The look of artificial greenery has evolved over the years. Modern artificial green walls are not plastic-like but feature incredibly realistic foliage that mimics its real counterpart. In fact, some artificial greenery looks so realistic that you will be hard-pressed to find the difference between the real and faux. Artificial green walls are now crafted from premium quality material, with lifelike color and detailed foliage.

Noise Control improved with Green Walls

Artificial green walls can help if your commercial space suffers from challenging acoustics. The hard surfaces in buildings create echoes, which in turn creates distracting acoustics. This is a big problem for business spaces that can result in low productivity, morale, and even affect employees’ emotional well-being. Plant leaves are known to reflect and absorb sound. The more greenery you have on the walls, the more the sound will be muffled. Artificial green walls combine pleasing aesthetics with sound absorption, creating that calming environment that you desire.

Are Green walls Durable?

Modern day artificial greenery is built to last. These decorative accents are made from premium quality material,making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. Good quality faux green walls manufactured and installed by reputable companies can be used for either indoor or outdoor use. Our outdoor foliage is crafted to withstand changes in temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity. We create our outdoor foliage by incorporating innovative technology which makes them inherently UV and fade resistant – perfect for that outdoor space. So, whether it is harsh sun, wind, water, or snow, you won’t have to worry about color loss from these elements. No matter what the season, artificial green walls will bring year-round color and interest to your space.

Sample of artificial wall mats carried by Pacific Silkscapes:


Privacy hedges are perfect to cover unsightly views for customers or visitors while simultaneously making an area more private and secluded for those relaxing.  With Covid-19 concerns, consider using these barriers in offices and hospitality suites.  Improve your social distancing measures using planters.  Check out this article from Jay Scotts.

These boxwood living walls and barrier walls are easy to install and Pacific Silkscapes can provide installation and delivery to Northern California and Reno, NV.  We can also ship nationwide and install larger orders nationwide.