NEW!!! Exterior Coconut Artificial Palm Trees

Large artificial palm trees have become incredibly popular in recent years due to their natural look and feel. Not only do they add a tropical vibe to any indoor or outdoor space, but they are also low-maintenance and long-lasting. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic of your backyard or commercial space, investing in large artificial palm trees can be a great decision. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits, features, and uses of large artificial palm trees.

Benefits of Large Artificial Palm Trees

There are numerous benefits to investing in large artificial palm trees compared to their real counterparts. Firstly, artificial palm trees require minimal maintenance. Unlike real palm trees which require watering, fertilizing, and pruning, artificial palm trees are essentially maintenance-free. They are not affected by extreme weather conditions, pests, or diseases. This makes them ideal for commercial spaces or for homeowners who want a beautiful backyard without the hassle of maintenance.

Low Maintenance Palm Trees

Secondly, artificial palm trees are more cost-effective in the long run. While the upfront cost of purchasing a large artificial palm tree may be higher than buying a real one, you will eventually save money on the significant maintenance cost of a real palm tree. In addition, artificial palm trees are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They can last for many years with little to no wear and tear, making them an excellent investment for both commercial and residential properties.

Features of Large Artificial Palm Trees

Large artificial palm trees come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are designed to look like specific species of palm trees, while others are more generic. Most large artificial palm trees are made from high-quality silk or polyester materials, which can mimic the look and feel of real palm tree leaves. These materials also make artificial palm trees flame-retardant, which is necessary for commercial spaces.

Customizable Artificial Palm Trees

Large artificial palm trees also come with various features, such as built-in LED lights or customizable heights. Some palm trees are even designed to sway in the wind, giving them a more authentic feel. These features can enhance the overall look and feel of the space, making the artificial palm tree a standout feature.

Uses of Large Artificial Palm Trees

There are numerous uses for large artificial trees, making them incredibly versatile. One of the most common uses is in commercial spaces such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Large artificial palm trees can add a tropical vibe to these spaces, making them more inviting and relaxing. They can also be used in office buildings or lobbies, providing a more serene and calming atmosphere for employees and visitors.

Palm trees can also be used in residential spaces, such as in a backyard or on a balcony. They can add a tropical ambiance to these spaces, making the area feel more like a vacation spot. Additionally, some trees come

Large artificial palm trees

Realistic Outdoor Large Palm Trees

Who doesn’t love palms?  They add a tropical vibe to every indoor and outdoor space.  Artificial trees are a fun way to add a tropical feel to any environment.  An indoor silk palm is perfect for a covered patio or an atrium in an office lobby. Due to popular demand, Pacific Silkscapes now offers large outdoor palm trees.  Palm trees come assembled, you insert the fronds in the secure-top cap and they’re ready.  All standard sizes get mounted in minutes onto any decking surface. The hardware gets included, let us know how you want to install them when ordering. These trees are so realistic they get engineered to sway in the wind.  Check out the features in the following photos. 
 For more ideas on how to use these trees, check out our Pinterest page.

Flame Retardant Artificial Palm Trees

Many Commercial Jobs, Hospitality Suites, and Assisted Living Facilities require flame retardant for safety reasons. Pacific Silkscapes is a certified fire retardant applicator.

Large Palm Trees are now offered by Pacific Silkscapes.
Coconut Palm Tree comes in three sizes:  8 ft, 10 ft, and 12 ft

Two Styles of Trunks to choose from: Island Breeze  is a curved Trunk Style  while Majestic is our straight trunk style
8’ft & 10’ft. Palms Include (9) 6.5 ft. Fronds (2) Coconuts and 12”x12” attached steel mounting plate.  12’ft Palms Include (9) 6.5’ft. Fronds (2) Coconuts and 12”x12” attached steel mounting plate.  Palm Receiver Caps can hold up to (18) Fronds
Trunks get manufactured with mild steel.  There is an Extra charge for extra fronds and coconuts.
Freight Charges are not included.

Palm Tree Trunk photo
Palm Tree Trunk photo
New 6.5'ft. Coconut Frond
New 6.5’ft. Coconut Frond
artificial palm tree base plate
artificial palm tree base plate
How Do I clean my artificial Palm Tree?

Our Coconut palm trees require no cleaning beyond regular dusting. The frequency depends on where your trees and plants are installed, however, we generally recommend cleaning every 3-4 months. This may vary depending on the amount of dust or air circulation in the area. More frequent cleaning makes the process easier. For the outdoors, spraying with a water hose should be sufficient.

Where would I find large artificial palm trees?

They have become the overwhelmingly popular choice for use inside offices, casinos, residences, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, stage props, and many others.


Large artificial palm trees offer numerous benefits and features that make them an excellent choice for any commercial or residential space. They are low-maintenance, cost-effective, and long-lasting, and come in various customizable styles and features.