Home or business owners can improve landscaping by using outdoor fade-resistant artificial plants.  Regardless of the climate, artificial plants provide ease of installation and carefree maintenance.  Pacific Silkscapes can build custom trees with built-in UV protection.  You can select an item on this polyblend link. Another option is to buy indoor products with sprayed-on commercial-grade UV protection.


Yes, you can put artificial or fake plants outside. However, it’s important to choose high-quality fake plants that are designed to withstand the elements, including wind, rain, and sunlight. If you choose to use UV-resistant artificial plants outdoors, make sure to place them in areas where they are protected from extreme weather conditions and direct sunlight, as exposure to harsh conditions can cause them to fade or deteriorate over time. Our outdoor artificial plants look great on your patio.

Additionally, you may need to clean your fake outdoor plants and artificial shrubs periodically to remove dirt and dust, especially if they are situated in areas where they are likely to get dirty or accumulate debris. Many of our replica plants, shrubs, vines, bushes, and trees contain UV-rated materials.  Sun UV protection is to prevent foliage and flowers from fading in extreme sunlight.

Sample of Polyblend Products:

Outdoor Plant Projects by Pacific Silkscapes:

Outdoor Artificial Plants (UV resistant) Look Realistic

Replica trees built out of top-quality material look realistic. Quality materials give the finished tree a natural look. The construction ensures the plants are strong enough to stand up to the elements. True beauty is in the small details, such as the texture of the stems and the coloring of the leaves and petals.  Faux plants will look as good if not better than the real thing, but you will not have to lift a finger to enjoy them.  Enjoy your outside space without the chore of gardening.

Don’t forget the planter!

Don’t forget to purchase the ideal planter.  Nothing beats a well-made handcrafted planter for enhancing the beauty of any room. Choosing the right planter will enhance your custom tree while also complementing your décor. Check out our BLOG post on why planters are important. Also, review some of the planters offered by Pacific Silkscapes.

Outdoor Artificial Plants Wholesale

If you are a reseller or need a larger quantity of products, ask about our special wholesale pricing.

FAQs on outdoor artificial plants:

What are the advantages of outdoor artificial plants?

Some of the advantages of artificial plants include:
1. Bring flowering color to any area, year-round
2. Solve weight-bearing issues on upper-floor balconies
3. Eliminate ongoing maintenance costs and replanting
4. Get around limited plumbing issues

Why should I buy UV-protected plants from Pacific Silkscapes?

Artificial trees are an excellent choice for rooms that do not get a lot of natural sunlight. What makes our outdoor fake trees so special is that every piece is ready for outdoor use.  Each of the Gardenia, Azalea, Ficus, Bamboo, and Cycas plants in our collection is UV protected. This protection ensures that the leaves and stems will not fade when exposed to the sun.

Consider adding rocks as a topping mixed with a tough clear resin.   The resin acts as a shield against rain and snow.  A protective shield creates a deterrent to vandalism and theft. This is a useful advantage for commercial and hospitality clients.

How long do outdoor artificial plants last?

The amount of time outdoor silk plants last depends on different factors such as how much sunlight your plants are exposed to and which products you choose.  Look at out our outdoor Polyblend® Line.  “Our Polyblend®is a secret proprietary formulation of UV Inhibitors and UV Screeners to absorb the sunlight and protect the resin.  Southern regions of the U.S. such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona with the most intense exposure to direct UV rays year-round can expect up to 5 years of color consistency without any brittleness or cracking to the leaves.  Solid steel or stiff wireframing provides additional support in other harsh weathering conditions including rain, wind, or snow.”  (From Autograph Foliage website) 

Also, refer to our blog post “How long do outdoor silk plants last?”  Check out our blog page here.

How do you keep artificial plants from fading outdoors?

In order to prevent artificial plants from fading, start by removing any debris from your artificial plants. You can use a water hose or a can of compressed air to effectively remove the debris. Once you have removed the debris, you can grab a clean towel and, manually remove the remaining debris.
You then need to limit the amount of full sun the plant receives. Your best option is to display the artificial plants under an awning or patio where they will receive the most shade. We also recommend turning the plant regularly so that if any fading occurs it will be evenly spread rather than on one side.