Pacific Silkscapes has been building residential artificial plants for 30 years, so we are able to help you choose the perfect artificial plant or tree for your home. Are you a discriminating homeowner that loves plants and trees but you don’t have a green thumb?

Would you like your home to look like a high-end model home with custom-designed artificial trees, residential artificial plants and silk floral arrangements that complement and enhance your decor?  At Pacific Silkscapes we have been decorating residential and model homes  with artificial flower arrangements and artificial trees for close to 30 years. Our artificial plants for home decor are stunning and realistic. Artificial plants are low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about plants dying. We custom make indoor and outdoor artificial trees and floral. We offer free consulting and can even have a designer visit your home. Our silk flower arrangements and custom artificial trees are stunning and designed to complement your decor. For more ideas on artificial plants and trees, check out our pinterest site.

Gallery of Previous Projects showing private residences faux plants:

Why choose Pacific Silkscapes?

  • Pacific Silkscapes has been creating artificial plants, custom artificial trees, and stunning flower arrangements for over 25 years.  
  • We can provide a free consultation, review photos of the area that requires plants and trees. And we partner with your interior designer/decorator on selecting the best tree and planter for your decor.  
  • If you live in the Sacramento region (including El Dorado Hills and Roseville), Pacific Silkscapes offers free in-home consulting.  So, If you just purchased a new home, or are considering a brand new look to your present home, call for a free in-home consultation from one of our experienced floral designers.
  • Our staff ensures the highest quality product that will look great and built to last.  And, we custom paint planters to match the color scheme of the home using professional paint equipment.  
  • If for any reason, an artificial tree does not work well with your decor, we will alter the tree or replace it with another tree.  Your satisfaction is our priority so that you can purchase worry free.


QUESTION:  Why should I consider artificial plants?

ANSWER:  They are durable, they need little maintenance, and they can be placed even in the darkest corner of your home or office. What’s more, faux plants can go in any dark, light, cold, or hot room and still look good. The best part is fake plants are now quality, lifelike products. In fact, you have to touch them to tell if they are natural or not.

QUESTION: Where is the best place to go to see artificial plants?

ANSWER:  If you are in Northern California, Pacific Silkscapes has a large showroom full of high-quality silk plants you can see. We have been in business for 30 years and only carry the best faux plants and artificial tees that look lifelike.  Pacific Silkscapes builds custom trees right on premise in the Sacramento region.  Our company services interior designers throughout the US.