Handcrafted Silk Flower Arrangements

Creating Realistic Silk Flower Arrangements for 30 years!

For over 30 years, Pacific Silkscapes has been creating amazing silk flower arrangements for model homes and select residential customers, assisting the home-building industry and interior designers.  You’ll be unable to tell the difference between our floral collections and real flowers.  A beautiful floral arrangement may do more for the interior of a home than new furnishings at a fraction of the cost.  Artificial floral arrangements add a splash of color to a room’s decor.  All of our silk flowers have a natural appearance and will leave you feeling revitalized.

When you combine Pacific Silkscapes’ amazing silk flowers with a beautiful vase from Accent décor, you’ve got yourself a personal winner.  Be confident that you will receive the greatest product for your event because Pacific Silkscapes has been in business for 30 years.

Artificial hotel flowers for hospitality suites and hotels

Our lifelike flower arrangements are unique, realistic, and made to make a statement.  The low maintenance and genuine soft touch petals make them a favorite of hotel management.  Larger displays are required in public areas like the lobby, lounge, and reception.  Strategically place smaller flower and plant displays about the hotel to add color and life.  Our silk-image floral decor will make a statement in your suite.

Hospitality Orchid Silk Flower Arrangements
Hospitality Orchid Floral Arrangement

Select the perfect silk flower arrangement for that special occasion!

Each arrangement from Pacific Silkscapes is handcrafted using only high-quality materials to give it a really natural look and feel.  A home is not complete without flowers and high-quality silk flowers are a great way to enliven any area with very little upkeep.  Pacific Silkscapes’ luxurious silk flower arrangements are perfect for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and weddings.

Silk flowers can be reused many times and do not die.  They always look clean and are simple to maintain.  You also don’t have to be concerned about the weather or humidity.
Custom silk flower arrangements do not necessitate the same level of care as fresh flowers.  Furthermore, they are inexpensive and versatile, allowing anyone to enjoy them, even those with allergies.

Floral Arrangements Created by Pacific Silkscapes:

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Are Silk Flower Arrangements Out of Style?

Home decorating is meant to be stylish and trendy. You want a modern-contemporary and minimalist look. You don’t want anything that is remotely tacky in a room like master bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, or great rooms.

Interior designers used to stay away from artificial flowers because they used to look tacky. In recent years though, there’s been a clear mark in the faux plant space between the greenery of yesteryear that looks plastic, glossy, and fake, and then high-quality premium faux flowers that feature handcrafted detail on every stem and leaf.

You can buy from brands like Winward Silks, Autograph Foliages, and Regency International and you won’t have to worry about tackiness. They are some of the most realistic flowers on the market. These are the brands carried by Pacific Silkscapes.

Whether you’re keeping fake flowers in a planter, vase, or basket, ensure the container is purchased with the same attention to detail as the flower. Find a vase or planter that isn’t distracting yet is made from premium material.

Where Can I Purchas Floral Arrangements at Wholesale Prices in the Greater Sacramento Region?

If you are an interior designer or resale realistic Floral Arrangements, you can purchase our custom-designed floral arrangements at Pacific Silkscapes. Show us your resale license and send us your inspirational photo and we will come up with a similar look and feel arrangement that meets your budget.

Floral Arrangements for the dining room table:

If you are looking for more ideas on what to use for your dining room table, check out this article. The ideas are wonderful.

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These custom floral arrangements were created in our Rancho Cordova, CA facility by experienced floral arrangers.  Our artificial flowers are made from the finest fabrics, providing a truly natural look and feel in a design that you can enjoy for years to come.  Flowers finish a home and beautiful faux flower arrangements from Pacific Silkscapes are a perfect way to bring that style to life in any room with very little maintenance. 

Set your dining table in style with one of our beautiful custom silk flower centerpieces. Inspired by nature and crafted by hand, our exclusive silk floral designs are unique works of art. Our floral arrangers have over 40 years of experience creating awesome silk floral arrangements!