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Pacific Silkscapes offers the highest quality silk wedding flowers.  Silk flowers are perfect for weddings or any special occasion or event. We specialize in elegant, tastefully-designed bridal bouquets. The exceptionally high quality, botanically-accurate materials we use guarantee an ultra-realistic, fresh flower look.  Pick from our list of quality wedding bouquets, boutonnieres & corsages, or have a special one custom designed!  Our premium quality designs and satisfied customers are a testament to our perfectionist standards.  No more worries about wilting, watering, or drying out.  Silks today come in all varieties and in a rainbow of colors and, unlike years ago, look and feel just like fresh flowers.  New lines of flowers have been created named “Real Touch” where the petals look and feel like fresh flowers.  With the creation of such exquisite silk flowers, it is hard to tell the difference between wedding bouquets and special event creations.  And, your flowers may be arranged well in advance helping to ease that last-minute stress.  

Benefits of Silk Wedding Flowers

One of the main benefits of using silk flowers during celebrations such as weddings is the fact that they allow you to spend about half as much as you would on fresh flowers. Not to mention the fact that you can order them as far in advance of the celebration as you need them and when the day arrives they will still look good as new.

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silk Cymbidium Bouquet, silk bridal flowers
Cymbidium Bouquet

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