How to Select the Perfect Planter Size

A DIY Guide to Selecting the right size planter:

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When you purchase a new tree or 3 ft fake plant, it usually comes in 2-gallon nursery pots. You want to choose a planter to match your decor. How do I determine the right size planter I need?

When selecting a planter for your artificial tree, it’s important to choose one that’s the right size for the tree. A planter that’s too small can make the tree look out of place, while a planter that’s too large can look awkward and unbalanced. Here are some tips for selecting the right size planter for your artificial tree:

  1. Measure the height of the tree from the base to the top of the highest branch. This will give you an idea of how tall the planter needs to be.
  2. Consider the width of the tree’s branches. If the tree has a wide span of branches, you will need a planter that’s wider at the base to balance it out.
  3. Think about the overall aesthetic you’re going for. A larger planter can make a statement and add visual interest, while a smaller planter can feel more understated and minimalist.
  4. Don’t forget to take into account the size and placement of any other decor items or furniture in the room. You want the planter to fit in with the overall look and feel of the space.

As a general rule of thumb, the planter should be about 2/3 the height of the tree. So, if your tree is 6 feet tall, the planter should be around 4 feet tall. Also, the diameter of the planter should be wider than the diameter of the tree trunk base to provide stability for the tree.

Choosing too small a planter is the biggest mistake that most people make. It tends to make the tree or plant look fake and decreases the aesthetics of the room. This is why choosing the right size planters is so important. The second mistake that people commit is not securing the silk tree properly into the decorative planter.  When you purchase a tree and planter at Pacific Silkscapes, we chemically mix chemicals to make foam to fit your planter perfectly.  We also add weight to baskets and tall planters for stability.  For more ideas on choosing planters, check out this YouTube video.

Therefore, while choosing the decorative planter for your silk plants and trees, keep the interior décor of your home or office in mind and never settle for a small, undersized planter. Remember, Larger is always better than smaller when it comes to artificial trees and plants. A perfect decorative planter can work as a beautiful asset to the home or office decor. The right size planter or basket should be correctly sized. The planter is functioning as a stable base for the artificial plant or tree. It should be similar to the requirements of a live tree which must be large enough for the root ball and appropriate to the size of the tree. An oversized planter is more realistic and desirable than an undersized one.

Containers must also serve as a stable base so the plant or tree doesn’t topple when accidentally brushed or fall when moved. For extra stability, weights should be added to the foam inside the planter.  For more information on planters that Pacific Silkscapes carries, visit our site.

A general guideline for common plants and trees that we use at Pacific Silkscapes is:

Plant container size chart:

for 3 to 4 feet use 12 inches
for 4 to 5 feet use 13 to 14 inches
for 6 to 7 feet use 15 to 16 inches
for 8 to 10 feet use 16 to 20 inches
for 10 to 12 feet use 24 inches

You can use planters that are 3 ft tall planter or 4-foot planters. You determine this based on the total height of your tree. Using the above guide, a 6-foot artificial plant would be best in a 15 to 16-inch diameter planter.

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