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A well-designed workspace is more than just visually appealing. It will keep employees motivated and actually looking forward to their workday. Recent studies have indicated that financial considerations, although important,  are not the most critical factors in increasing employee productivity. Neither are ping pong tables and free snacks. These studies show that a smart office design that allows employees to feel more energized will lead to increased creativity and productivity. Having happier, more comfortable employees, equates to a more successful company.

Here are some modern office design trends that will boost employee productivity and focus and increase overall employee satisfaction with their job.

Flexible and Non-Restrictive Spaces

Workers should have the ability to rearrange furniture, desks, and positions throughout their workday, instead of being stuck in a tiny, cramped little cubicle. There should be quiet spaces or corners where they can retreat for one-on-one conversations and meetings. The idea is to be able to move around or change positions while continuing to get the job done. In the same way that a Murphy bed changes a living room into a bedroom, having flexibility in the organization of a space can make a real difference in employee attitude. As companies like Facebook and Google have found out, having casual meeting spaces and the ability to adjust and change surroundings is the wave of future office design.

Embrace Technology

For the most part, gone are the days of telephone meetings and long-distance business trips. Instead, most communication with clients takes place face-to-face over the Internet via video conferencing. Office design needs to accommodate this technology. But rather than have an employee sit behind a desktop computer to do this, companies are opting for open areas with a projector and a large screen that will allow a group of workers to participate in the conference, all at the same time.

Power outlets, laptop computers, and wireless charging stations need to be easily accessible and in abundant supply in the technologically friendly office.

Comfortable Furniture

Being glued to an uncomfortable chair and desk for eight hours a day doesn’t equate to being a productive employee. Not only should the furniture be comfortable, but it should also resemble a more homelike environment. Overstuffed chairs, end tables, height-adjustable desks, and access to soft or natural lighting will increase creativity along with employee productivity.

Prioritize Well Being of Workers

Smart office design considers the well-being of the people working inside the workspace. Focusing only on efficiency is not the way to get things done. Smart office design creates a space where the employee can be physically comfortable. Mix textures and materials and use color and light to enhance the performance, creativity, and mood of your employees.

Incorporating color in the design can greatly influence people. Yellow and orange stimulate creativity, while blues and greens are calming. If painting the walls is not an option, consider adding artwork to achieve a similar result. For lighting, being able to dim overhead lights or adjust lamp settings can ease eyestrain and create different moods throughout the workday.

Having happy, valued, and focused employees will add to your company’s bottom line. And employees that feel as though the company values them will come to work with a good attitude and remain with the company longer. All it takes to accomplish this is a well-thought-out and designed office workspace.

post by Kari Kennedy of Projector Top

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