From Real to Artificial: The Live Plant to Silk Plant Transformation

Completed Transformation Projects:

Enhance Your Office while Saving on Maintenance!

More and more building owners are considering live plant-to-silk plant conversion to reduce ongoing maintenance fees.

They are not only are they saving money, but the silk plants are attractive and realistic.

Visit or call Pacific Silkscapes today to have one of our staff come over and make recommendations on making your lobby better looking without the ongoing maintenance costs of watering, fertilizer, and live plant replacements.  Our consultations are free and we will provide you with an estimate.  Pacific Silkscapes has been in business for 30 years, so you know you are getting expert advice.  Visit our website for more information on products.

Why you should convert from live plants to artificial plants:

Why a commercial business should convert lobby from live plants to artificial plants.
There are several reasons why a commercial business might consider converting their live plant lobby to artificial plants:

  1. Cost: Live plants require regular maintenance such as watering, pruning, and replacement when they die. Labor costs are increasing especially in California. Labor rates and business rent are the drivers. Ongoing maintenance of commercial interior environments is labor intensive. Thus, maintenance rates are increasing and will continue for the foreseeable future. Artificial plants, on the other hand, require little to no maintenance and can last for a long time, saving the business money in the long run. The return on investment is typically one to two years.
  2. Consistency: Artificial plants will always look the same, regardless of the season or weather conditions. Live plants may grow at different rates or may not do well in certain conditions, leading to an inconsistent and unkempt appearance in the lobby.
  3. Allergies: Some people may be allergic to pollen or other allergens that are present in live plants. Artificial plants can provide a similar aesthetic without causing discomfort to those with allergies.
  4. Low-light conditions: Some lobbies may not receive enough natural light to sustain live plants. Artificial plants are not dependent on light and can be placed in any location without the need for a natural light source.
  5. The quality of artificial plants, trees, and silk flowers is improving. Manufacturers of artificial plants are introducing “soft touch“, “natural stem” and others that look so real you won’t believe they are artificial from a short distance.

The owner of the building on K street is saving $500.00 per month on the live plant-to-silk plant conversion. ($6000.00 per year, every year!) In addition, the outdoor grasses look better than the live plants and because we used liquid illusion to seal the rocks and grasses, there is less risk of vandalism and destruction.  More and more owners are wondering why they haven’t converted sooner.  What stuck with them is how realistic today’s artificial plants are.  Call Pacific Silkscapes today for a free consultation and no-obligation quote.

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