Realistic Faux Succulent Arrangements

We can design the perfect succulent arrangements using any designer bowl or vase you want!

Handcrafted Succulent Arrangements designed and built in Pacific Silkscapes
Handcrafted Succulent Arrangement

Succulents are our best selling home decor faux plant!

At Pacific Silkscapes, our custom artificial succulent arrangements continue to be one of our best-selling home decor products.

Succulents are “having a renaissance, and have become a decorating staple in boutiques, restaurants, offices, and apartments,” wrote Patrick Sisson in an April 2018 article entitled, “Why cactus and succulents are the perfect plants for this cultural moment.”


Pacific Silkscapes artificial succulents have color and are beautiful.

With their varicolored hues and lush leaves in almost endless patterns, artificial succulents make striking botanical arrangements. Our faux succulent arrangements are carefully assembled by hand to capture the beauty of the desert plant as it is seen in nature.

These artificial succulents are built with state of the art technology coupled with artistry to get a life-like appearance. Pacific Silkscapes artificial succulents are constructed from materials that make appear life-like down — to the touch.  Choose from a wide variety of extremely popular styles and sizes for that Southwestern look.  Have Pacific Silkscapes design the perfect succulent arrangement for you.  Need ideas?  Check out our succulent page on pinterest.  We can create an arrangement like the ones you see.

For even more ideas, check out this cool video on decorating with succulents.

Pacific Silkscapes succulents are realistic.

Looking to add the character of a house succulent to your home or office, but can’t keep even weeds alive?  Pacific Silkscapes offers premium artificial succulents.  Our succulents are so realistic looking, most guests won’t believe they are faux. Let us custom design one for your decor.  Our succulent arrangements continue to be our hottest selling item and are used in all of the model homes we furnish. Our wide variety of artificial and succulents are perfect for desks, dining tables, coffee tables, or bookshelves. 

Succulents are known for their hardy attributes and stunning variety and have become a modern staple of design. Pacific Silkscapes artificial succulents combine the dizzying array of colors, textures, and shapes of real succulents with the craftsmanship that is brought to all of our artificial plants. The result is a gorgeous selection of nature’s most versatile plants with lasting natural beauty.

Whether you combine a few succulents in an orchid arrangement or breathe life into space with a magnificent succulent wall display, your creativity is the limit when it comes to these beautiful design elements.  Most of our faux plants are finished with moss or rocks to give it that extra touch of realism.  Our artificial succulent and Cactus plants are simply beautiful; their organic texture and color complement any interior space.  Friends and family will rave about these distinctive botanical specimens.

Visit our showroom in Sacramento to see some of the succulent arrangements we created.

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