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Creating Realistic Flower Arrangements for 30 years!


Pacific Silkscapes has been serving the home building industry and interior designers for 30 years creating awesome silk flower arrangements for model homes and discriminating residential homeowners.  Our floral collections look so real that you can’t even differentiate. A beautiful floral arrangement can do more for a home’s decor than even new furniture can, at a fraction of the cost. Contemporary faux floral arrangements add a unique glow to the ambiance of a room.  All our range of silk flowers gives a truly realistic look leaving you with a fresh feeling.

Combine Pacific Silkscapes awesome silk flowers with a designer vase from Accent decor and you will have a personal winning combination. Because Pacific Silkscapes has been in business for 30 years, you can be assured you will get the best product for your occasion.

Artificial hotel flowers for hospitality suites and hotels

Lifelike flower arrangements produced by Pacific Silkscapes are unique, realistic and designed to make a statement. They are loved by hotel management because of the low maintenance and the realistic soft touch petals.  Larger public areas such as the lobby, lounge and reception require  larger displays. Smaller displays of flower and plants can be dotted around the hotel strategically placed to bring color and life to the hotel.

Hospitality Orchid Silk Flower Arrangements
Hospitality Orchid Floral Arrangement

Select the perfect arrangement for that special occasion!

Pacific Silkscapes floral arrangements are made from the finest fabrics, providing a truly natural look and feel in a design that you can enjoy for years to come. Flowers finish a home and high-quality silk flowers are a perfect way to brighten any room with very little maintenance. Perfect for special events like holidays, birthdays, and weddings, Pacific Silkscapes’ luxury silk flower arrangements will make every occasion even more special.

Silk flowers can be used numerous times and they do not die. They always look fresh and they are easy to clean. You also do not have to worry about the temperature or humidity. Pacific Silkscapes custom silk flower arrangements do not need the care that fresh flowers do. Additionally, they are easy to purchase and they are very flexible so anyone can enjoy them even if they have allergies.

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These custom floral arrangements were created in our Rancho Cordova, CA facility by experienced floral arrangers.  Our artificial flowers are made from the finest fabrics, providing a truly natural look and feel in a design that you can enjoy for years to come.  Flowers finish a home and beautiful faux flower arrangements from Pacific Silkscapes are a perfect way to bring that style to life in any room with very little maintenance. 

Set your dining table in style with one of our beautiful custom silk flower centerpieces. Inspired by nature and crafted by hand, our exclusive silk floral designs are unique works of art. Our floral arrangers have over 40 years of experience creating awesome silk floral arrangements!

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