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One of the easiest ways home or business owners can transform outside areas into desirable spaces is with artificial outdoor trees, shrubbery, and topiary trees.  Regardless of the climate, artificial alternatives provide ease of installation, carefree maintenance (no pruning or watering needed!), and excellent return on investment.  At Pacific Silkscapes, we can build custom outdoor artificial trees with inherent UV protection or applied commercial grade UV protection on silk flowers, artificial plants, and custom artificial trees. 

In addition, we sell gorgeous outdoor artificial palm trees and outdoor silk plants.  Check out our outdoor Polyblend® Line.  “Our Polyblend® is a secret proprietary formulation of UV Inhibitors and UV Screeners to absorb the sunlight and protect the resin. How long will Polyblend® foliage provide suitable service? Southern regions of the U.S. such as Florida, Texas and Arizona with the most intense exposure to direct UV rays year round can expect up to 5 years of color consistency without any brittleness or cracking to the leaves. Solid steel or stiff wire framing provides additional
support in other harsh weathering conditions including rain, wind or snow.”  (From Autograph Foliages website)

Outdoor Polyblend Products:

Outdoor faux plants look realistic

Pacific Silkscapes’ outdoor artificial trees are made out of top quality material, and yet they look realistic. The material and construction give the finished artificial tree a natural look while still being strong enough to stand up to the elements. True beauty is in the small details, such as the texture of the stems and the complex coloring of the leaves and petals.  Let your neighbors worry about the constant feeding, watering, and pruning associated with living varieties. Our faux outdoor plants will look as good if not better than the real thing, but you will not have to lift a finger to enjoy them. This leaves you free to enjoy your outside space without ever having to concern yourself with the chore of plant maintenance and gardening.


Advantages of outdoor artificial plants and trees

Consider some of the advantages to outdoor artificial plants:

1. Bring flowering color to any area, year-round

2. Solve weight-bearing issues on upper floor balconies

3. Eliminate ongoing maintenance costs and replanting

4. Get around limited plumbing issues

Buy artificial outdoor plants that last

There are many sites that claim to sell outdoor products but they may not last.  Pacific Silkscapes has been selling outdoor artificial plants and installing outdoor foliage for over 15 years.  Our fake outdoor plants and artificial palm trees are designed to withstand the effects of sun, wind, and temperature extremes.  We can guide you on what products are out there based on your specific requirements and help with the installation.  Before purchasing online, call Pacific Silkscapes prior to making your investment at 916-889-7322.


Outdoor plants are UV protected​

Pacific Silkscapes outdoor fake trees are also an excellent choice for rooms that do not get a lot of natural sunlight, such as enclosed sun-rooms, Florida rooms, and breakfast nooks. Whether you start with just one or choose a whole garden full of these special plants made for your window boxes, you are sure to be elated with the results.  What makes our outdoor fake trees so special is that each and every piece is made specifically for outdoor use. Each of the gardenia, azalea, ficus, bamboo, and cycas plants in our collection are UV protected, ensuring that it will stay looking great season after season. This protection ensures that the leaves and stems will not fade when exposed to the sun, even in the hottest climates. At Pacific Silkscapes, we can add rocks with a tough resin to further protect your investment.  The resin acts as a shield to rain and snow.  For commercial and hospitality customers, this also acts as a deterrent to vandalism and theft.
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