Moss Wall Art by Pacific Silkscapes

Living Wall Not Feasible? Bring Nature indoors.

Moss wall art can fit in any space under conditions where a green living wall isn’t feasible. Pacific Silkscapes can create a custom moss wall piece for you.   They are the perfect alternative when a traditional living wall isn’t feasible.  Our team can design a custom art piece with any kind of frame, natural elements and to any size to fit your budget.  If you can imagine it, we can create it for you!

Preserved moss is an all-natural material that’s become the “must-have” natural biophilic element in modern designs.  Now, more interior designers and decorators have discovered the freedom that preserved moss walls allow when it comes to incorporating nature into an interior space. You are no longer limited by natural sunlight and costly maintenance restrictions.  Looking for ideas on creating gallery wall?  Check out this guide.

Do you need some ideas on what your perfect artwork would look like?  Check out or pinterest board for more ideas. Call today at 877-883-5672 to get started.

Advantages of Moss Wall Art over traditional living walls

1.   Preserved moss art can be installed nearly anywhere at less cost, with zero maintenance.

2.   Our wall art offers opportunities for creativity beyond what one can do with traditional living walls.

3.   Moss is a natural and effective method of sound absorption in open spaces.

FAQ's for Preserved Wall Art

Q. Is the preserved moss really made of the stuff that grows on rocks?

A. Yes! They are made from a plant we called reindeer or caribou moss. 

Q. Are preserved moss artwork alive like living walls?

A. Pacific Silkscapes’ wall art pieces are not living like our traditional living walls. The moss material was once a living, growing plant which has been preserved to create the beautiful artwork we use to create a custom preserved moss wall.

Q. How often do preserved moss walls need to be watered?

A. No plumbing or irrigation is needed at all.

Q. Do moss walls need light?

A. No. As a matter of fact, sunlight will fade them. They are ideal for dark spaces.

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