Model Home Artificial Plants


At Pacific Silkscapes we have been partnering with interior designers consulting on model home silk plants.  Our team understands the importance of picking out artificial plants and artificial indoor trees that complement the home decor of each unique model. Pacific Silkscapes supplied artificial flower arrangements, succulent plants, artificial trees like our popular fiddle leaf fig tree, succulents, and small interior plants for over 25 years. Our silk flower arrangements, designer succulent bowls, and custom artificial fiddle leaf trees are stunning and designed to complement your home decor.

Gallery of Previous Projects showing private residences home interiors and model home decor:
Why Choose Pacific Silkscapes?
  • Pacific Silkscapes has been creating artificial plants, custom artificial trees, succulents, and stunning floral arrangements for over 20 years.  We are happy to work with interior designers and staging professionals on selecting the best tree and planter for your home decor.  We guarantee that our artificial plants will enhance your home interior design.
  • Choose from our popular artificial fiddle leaf fig trees, artificial rubber trees, or something a little more exciting like an artificial Podocarpus tree.  Our beautifully crafted succulent plants in designer planters are so popular, our designers order these in dozens per model.  We designed these to be very cost effective!
  • We ensure the highest quality silk plants and succulents that will look great and built to last.  We custom paint planters to match the color scheme of the home using professional paint equipment.
  • We are on time and prepared with artificial trees and indoor plants marked with the model and room it gets placed in.
  • In addition, we are surprisingly affordable for the indoor plants that you demand.
  • At Pacific Silkscapes, we can pick up your old plants, trees, and floral from one location, recondition the plants to look new then deliver and install in another location for you saving you lots of money.
Tips for choosing model home plants:

1. Make sure every room has a visual exclamation point.

2. Ensure there is no clutter. Ensure there is no clutter.

3. Use planters and bowls that contrast with the wall color to make your room decor come to life.  Use a neutral palette for the model home planters and bowls.

4. Use fewer, larger trailing plants, succulent plants, and floral arrangements for a less-cluttered look.

5. Select the correct size designer artificial tree (like our popular Fiddle Leaf Fig). Use narrow trees in tight corner spaces and taller trees when you have tall ceilings with arches. Ensure you use indoor faux plants that enhance the home decor.

5. Use a variety of trees and include sculptural trees and artificial trees with large leaves (Think Fiddle leaf fig and Rubber) where needed in your room decor.

7. Use trailing plants and succulent plants to soften a contemporary room.

8. Use large ceramic planters or high-end baskets for dining room, great room, and living rooms decor. Consider textured painted planters that match the home decor.

9. Use a large dramatic floral arrangement for the dining room decor using high-end soft-touch floral.

  • Pacific Silkscapes has been creating artificial plants, custom artificial trees, and stunning flower arrangements for over 25 years.  
  • We can provide a free consultation, review photos of the area that requires plants and trees. And we partner with your interior designer/decorator on selecting the best tree and planter for your decor.  
  • If you live in the Sacramento region (including El Dorado Hills and Roseville), Pacific Silkscapes offers free in-home consulting.  So, If you just purchased a new home, or are considering a brand new look to your present home, call for a free in-home consultation from one of our experienced floral designers.
  • Our staff ensures the highest quality product that will look great and built to last.  And, we custom paint planters to match the color scheme of the home using professional paint equipment.  
  • If for any reason, an artificial tree does not work well with your decor, we will alter the tree or replace it with another tree.  Your satisfaction is our priority so that you can purchase worry free.