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Stunning Hotel Floral Arrangements!

Realistic Senior Living Silk Plants and Artificial Trees !

Custom artificial trees, enormous spectacular artificial floral arrangements, and hospitality plantscapes are all created by Pacific Silkscapes.  Restaurants, small enterprises, casinos, hotels, and conference halls have all been redecorated by us.  Our expertise is in transforming real floral into lovely, low-maintenance silk plant landscaping.  The facility’s decor is given special consideration, ensuring that everything we supply complements and enhances the overall appearance. We are a California certified fire retardant applicator.

Gallery of Previous Projects showing Hospitality Plantscapes:

Why choose Pacific Silkscapes hospitality plantscapes?

Pacific Silkscapes has a lot of experience with creating plantscapes for hotels.  Because of the realistic foliage that we supply, our silk plants will complement your live plants.  Pacific Silkscapes flower designers will work with your interior designers and architects to create a professional and decorative themed plant landscape for main lobbies, ballrooms, restaurants, or individual guest suites.  A good night’s stay in a beautiful, well-decorated hotel, whether on vacation or on business, is nothing more comforting for a traveler away from home. Hotel décor with artificial plants and trees is essential in any design scheme from the front lobby to the front desk to the restaurant or spa and up to individual rooms. Check out our pinterest page for ideas on what other people have.

Restaurants are adopting a growing number of themes, and hospitality plantscaping is the ideal way to realize that vision. We may design a large main flower centerpiece, full-size artificial trees, lifelike snake plant plantings, or modest wall and column plantings.

Artificial plants and trees can bring life, greenery, and decorating options to all hospitality suites. They’re virtually maintenance-free and cost-effective. Artificial plants and trees require no water, no pruning, no fertilizers, and no replacement because they do not die. Artificial plants and trees retain their color and size.

Pacific Silkscapes' Design Process:

Step 1:  Design consultation – Our floral designers can work with you to create a unique look to compliment your decor.  We can work with your with drawings and floor plans to compliment an existing design approach.  If you are local, we can come to your home or facility to suggest ideas.  You can also email us photos of the area for our experienced designers to review.

Step 2.: Proposal – We will create a design proposal meeting your budgetary requirements and design parameters. Custom examples of foliage, and floral designs with quality and realistic materials will be proposed.  Our aim is to create your perfect silk floral or designer tree specific to your requirements.

Step 3: Custom Design – Most of our trees, plants and floral designs are created at time of order. Real tree fibers, trunks and bark are used to create authentic pieces that will last and be maintenance free.  We construct each of our pieces to give years of maintenance free beauty.

Step 4 (optional) :  We can apply fire retardant and or UV protection on any indoor and outdoor piece.  We are a certified fire retardant applicator.

Step 5:  Delivery and Installation – Pacific Silkscapes  provides complete delivery and installation on projects allowing for a seamless process.  Type your paragraph here.

Artificial Plant Landscaping for hospitality Suites and Senior Living
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Pacific Silkscapes' product line is extensive and includes high-quality artificial plants, custom artificial trees, stunning artificial flower arrangements, and unique hospitality landscaping. We have redecorated restaurants, small businesses, casinos, hotels, and convention centers. Our specialty is converting live floral with beautiful, low maintenance silk plant landscaping. Special attention is paid to the decor of the facility making sure everything we provide works together and enhances the overall look.