Custom Artificial Trees

The artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is our best selling tree,
they are so versatile and work with a variety of interior design styles.

We design and build your perfect custom artificial trees. You choose the height, width style and foliage.

Let Pacific Silkscapes create your perfect artificial tree

We custom design and create your own custom artificial trees onsite at Pacific Silkscapes.  To build distinctive and natural-looking trees, our team chooses from a selection of real wood trunks. The premium foliage is realistic in texture as well as color.  With precision drilling, our crew builds the trees in Sacramento, CA to last.
Crafted using only the highest-quality materials and handcrafted with great attention to details, we select from a variety of actual woods to produce distinctive and natural-looking furniture.
As a result, when you purchase a custom tree from Pacific Silkscapes, you are paying for high-quality foliage, authentic trunks, and highly-detailed craftsmanship.

Realistic artificial trees may transform any space into a natural and dynamic environment when used as an interior design feature. We offer a vast selection of designer trees to pick from at Pacific Silkscapes. Make an appointment to visit us or send us your specifications.  See something on the internet you want?  Email us a photo and we can quote you a similar artificial tree in the size you need. Need more ideas?  Check out the custom trees on our pinterest page.

See our custom artificial trees throughout California and Northern Nevada

The handcrafted artificial fiddle leaf fig trees from Pacific Silkscapes are so popular that they can be found in many model houses throughout California and Northern Nevada.  They’re popular among interior designers and model home builders, so you’ll enjoy them as well.  This is the most popular artificial tree we’ve ever sold. Custom trees just look more natural and realistic than the premade trees you see online.  From their rustic trunks and branches to botanically identical leaves, our custom artificial trees are quite impressive and mesmerizing.

 Custom trees are amazingly lifelike and have become a popular way for interior designers to dress up a drab room.  So, if you still associate fake plants with ancient workplaces or waiting rooms with cheap materials masquerading as plants, it’s time to change your mind. Because even the most discerning buyers can be fooled by today’s custom artificial trees.  With one of our one-of-a-kind custom trees, you may have a stunning silk tree without the upkeep.

Don’t forget to purchase the ideal planter.  Nothing beats a well-made handcrafted planter for enhancing the beauty of any room while also complementing your décor. Check out some of the planters offered by Pacific Silkscapes.

Please note, due to the natural trunks used and each tree is made by hand, every tree has unique characteristics. Overall tree or plant height is measured from the base of the trunk to the top of the plant. Width or spread of the tree crown is usually one-half the height.

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