Handcrafted Artificial Casino Plantscapes

For the casino resorts, Pacific Silkscapes offers a wide choice of casino plant landscapes and large artificial trees.

Pacific Silkscapes' Casino Decor Plantscapes

Extensive Casino Plantscapes Collection

Pacific Silkscapes has a large artificial plant product line.  High-quality artificial plants, big artificial trees, breathtaking simulated flower arrangements, and distinctive casino plantscapes are all part of our casino decor collection. Thus, the use of custom artificial plant landscaping in casinos allows for the creation of fantastic, themed landscapes.
The casino’s design and concept are given special care.  Our staff ensures that our resort’s plants and trees complement each other to improve the overall appearance.  In addition, Pacific Silikscapes is a licensed fire retardant applicator in California.

Themed Casino Environment

Casinos are one-of-a-kind venues with themed settings.  It’s a must to have bespoke casino plantscapes with enormous hospitality trees that complement the decor.  With plants, trees, and flower arrangements, our plant landscapes create a natural environment.  For this reason, gamblers and casino employees and customers will feel more at ease and calm.  Pacific Silkscapes works with your specific concept and budget, as well as your deadlines.

Large custom commercial trees, bamboo groves, tall Phoenix Palms, Sansevieria, and boxwood walls are some of the flora found in casino decors.  For more ideas on large commercial trees,  check out our casino plant pinterest board.

Indoor and Outdoor Products

For outdoor plants, we prefer to use polyblend® foliage, which is specifically designed for the outdoors.  This product is designed to endure severe temperatures as well as fading caused by direct sunshine.  Since we’ve been delivering outside artificial plants for over 15 years, so we know what to look for when it comes to temperature resistance.

Low maintenance casino decor plantscapes

When artificial plants are used, they require extremely minimal upkeep.  For example, dusting artificial plants on a regular basis is all that is required to keep them looking fresh. They’ll keep their color and look new for years if you just dust them two or three times a year.

Your replica plants and trees will be made to your exact requirements in terms of size, form, and color.  We will also properly install your completed casino plantscape.  As a consequence, we’ll transform your vision into a lovely plantscape.

Professional Casino Resort Plantscaping by Pacific Silkscapes
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Professional Casino Resort Plantscaping by Pacific Silkscapes
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Our product line is extensive and includes high-quality artificial plants, custom artificial trees, stunning artificial flower arrangements, and unique casino plant landscaping. Special attention is paid to the decor of the casino making sure our resort plants work together and enhances the overall look. In addition, we are a California certified fire retardant applicator. We will build your artificial plants and trees to your exact size, shape, and color specifications, and even install your finished artificial landscaping if desired. Our committed goal is helping you turn your vision into a unique beautiful plant landscape.