Handcrafted Artificial Casino Plantscapes

Pacific Silkscapes provides a wide range of casino plantscapes and hospitality large artificial trees for the casino resort industry.

Pacific Silkscapes Projects: Casino Resort

Extensive Collection

Pacific Silkscapes product line is extensive and includes high-quality artificial plants, hospitality large artificial trees, stunning artificial flower arrangements, and unique casino plantscapes.  Custom Artificial Plantscaping for Casinos provide opportunities to create magical, themed environments. Special attention is paid to the decor and theme of the casino.  Our staff makes sure our resort plants and trees work together and enhances the overall look.   In addition, we are a California certified fire retardant applicator.

Themed Enviornment

Casinos are unique environments that have themed environments. Having a custom casino plantscapes with large hospitality trees to complement the decor is a necessary requirement.  Our plantscapes create a natural environment with plants, trees and floral arrangements so that gamblers and casino workers feel comfortable and more relaxed.  Pacific Silkscapes will work with your unique themed setting and work with your budget and timelines.

Some of the types of plants used in casinos include large custom commercial trees, bamboo groves, tall artificial Phoenix Palms, Sansevieria in lateral planters, and boxwood walls.  For more ideas on large commercial trees, check out our pinterest board.

Indoor and Outdoor Products

For outdoor plants, we prefer to use the standard polyblend® foliage that is made for the outdoors and especially manufactured to withstand temperature extremes as well as fading due to extreme sunlight.  We have been supplying outdoor artificial plants for over 15 years, thus we are experienced in selecting temperature resistant products.

Low maintenance

There is very little maintenance when using artificial plants.  Periodic dusting is all that is required to maintain the fresh look of artificial plants. Dusting them two or three times a year they will maintain their color and look new for years.

We will build your artificial plants and trees to your exact size, shape, and color specifications, and even install your finished casino plantscapes if desired.  Our committed goal is helping you turn your vision into a unique beautiful plant landscaping.